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Entrance MLS, Taiwan’s pioneering blockchain real estate transaction platform, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with eMediaLinks, a global real estate marketing firm. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, eMediaLinks holds exclusive North American partnerships with and Weibo North America, a leading Chinese-language social media platform with approximately 600 million monthly active users.

This collaboration propels Entrance MLS to showcase Taiwanese real estate and investment opportunities to a global audience keen on Taiwanese properties through and Weibo North America. Simultaneously, it positions Entrance MLS on the international stage, offering Taiwanese clients an outstanding chance to delve into real estate markets in the United States and Asia. This partnership also equips American and Asian investors and agents to proficiently promote their properties to potential Taiwanese buyers.

Johnson Wu, Chief Operating Officer of Entrance MLS, remarked, “In the face of a global shift, we observe a growing interest in Taiwanese real estate, with more individuals seeking overseas investment opportunities. Our collaboration with eMediaLinks and Weibo North America is aimed at accelerating the international demand for Entrance MLS. This partnership not only highlights exceptional opportunities for Taiwanese real estate globally but also establishes a channel for Taiwanese clients to engage with international real estate. Entrance MLS provides a platform with experienced and professional teams for clients interested in Taiwanese real estate, facilitating a seamless purchase or investment experience.”

About Entrance MLS:

Established in 2023, Entrance MLS is Taiwan’s first blockchain-based real estate transaction platform. Utilizing AI and blockchain technology, the platform ensures faster and more secure real estate matching and transaction experiences. It offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services, including real estate listing, marketing, matching, transactions, and project consulting.

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